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Project Ref Project Promoter Project Title Region Eligible Expenditure Grant paid
171S.2 Individual Short Courses to gain an MCA 200t Masters Ticket FLAG South (Cork) €1,780.00 €890.00
171S.3 Allihies Parish Co-op Soc Beara Coastal Science & Education Centre Phase 1 FLAG South (Cork) €18,414.78 €14,731.82
171S.6 Atlantic Catch Ltd Co Atlantic Catch Project FLAG South (Cork) €6,600.00 €3,300.00
171S.8 Schull & District Community Council Improvement to Harbour infrasturcture for fishing vessels FLAG South (Cork) €6,264.00 €5,011.20
171S.9 Fish Seafood Deli Ltd Carbery Enterprise Park Expansion FLAG South (Cork) €207,999.44 €100,000.00
171S.12 East Cork Outdoor Adventures t/a ECO Adventures ECO Expansion FLAG South (Cork) €31,525.12 €15,762.56
171S.15 Courtmacsherry Community Shop Co Soc Ltd Commuity Shop FLAG South (Cork) €11,728.81 €9,383.04
171S.16 Individual Purchase and installation of solar lights FLAG South (Cork) €4,492.38 €3,593.90
171S.21 Individual Training FLAG South (Cork) €1,770.00 €885.00
171S.22 Mobile Fiberglass Service Mobile Fiberglass Service FLAG South (Cork) €11,030.94 €5,515.47
171S.23 Atlantic Sea Kayaking Development of a Marine Leisure base and blueway hub in castlehaven bay FLAG South (Cork) €7,034.15 €3,517.07
171S.26 Clean Coasts Ballynamona The drive to keep 23km of coast line clean FLAG South (Cork) €4,802.99 €3,842.39
171S.27 Individual Adding Quality & shelf life to the catch  FLAG South (Cork) €5,750.00 €4,600.00
171S.30 Seafood & Shanty Ballycotton Guide Book FLAG South (Cork) €1,700.00 €1,020.00
171S3.1 Bantry Inshore Search & Rescue Provision of safety equipment & training material for the crews FLAG South (Cork) €4,160.63 €3,328.50
171S3.2 Bantry Rowing Club Boats FLAG South (Cork) €14,780.55 €7,390.27
171S3.4 Bere Island Projects Group CLG Promotion of the Ferry Service FLAG South (Cork) €2,899.00 €2,319.20
171S3.5 Castletownbere Rowing Club (Cork) Rowing Fleet Expansion FLAG South (Cork) €14,844.10 €11,875.29
171S3.7 Union Hall Smoked Fish Processing Equipment Slicer & Vacuum Packers FLAG South (Cork) €72,760.00 €36,380.00
171S3.8 Cumann na Daoine Community Development Project FLAG South (Cork) €56,416.22 €45,132.98
Total Drawdown 2017       €486,753.11 €278,478.69
171S.7 Bantry Historical Society & Archaeological Society Ellen Hutchins Fesitval & Heritage Trail FLAG South (Cork) €4,250.00 €2,000.00
171S.21 Individual Training FLAG South (Cork) €780.00 €390.00
171S.23 Atlantic Sea Kayaking Development of a Marine Leisure base and blueway hub in castlehaven bay FLAG South (Cork) €41,987.02 €20,993.51
181S.1 Individual Refrigerated & insulate a van to transport fish FLAG South (Cork) €5,200.00 €4,160.00
181S.2 Tim O’Leary Whiddy Island Accommodation FLAG South (Cork) €129,955.93 €51,982.37
181S.3 Ballycotton Development Company Limited Bringing Historical Maps into the Community FLAG South (Cork) €5,688.75 €4,551.00
181S.4 Individual Refrigerated Van FLAG South (Cork) €6,500.00 €5,200.00
181S.5 Comharchumann Chléire Teoranta Shower for mariners FLAG South (Cork) €6,136.00 €4,908.80
181S.6 Coláiste Pobail Chléire Turais Báid Faire Mara Chléire FLAG South (Cork) €2,184.00 €1,747.20
181S.7 The Lagoon Activity Centre Floating Aqua Park FLAG South (Cork) €50,000.00 €25,000.00
181S.8 Bantry Rowing Club Equipment FLAG South (Cork) €8,049.36 €4,024.68
181S.9 Funkytown Adventure Centre The Secret South FLAG South (Cork) €1,600.00 €800.00
181S.11 (a) Ellen Hutchins General   FLAG South (Cork) €4,610.00 €3,688.00
181S.11 (b) Ellen Hutchins Festival Ellen Hutchins Fesitval  FLAG South (Cork) €2,462.44 €1,993.95
181S.13 Ring Rowing Club Training Facility (shed) FLAG South (Cork) €5,696.00 €2,848.00
181S.17 Aghada Sea Scout Group (Scouting Ireland) (Clann Credo Small Fleet Upgrade FLAG South (Cork) €33,000.00 €16,500.00
181S.15 Youghal Tidy Towns Habitat mapping in the community of Youghal FLAG South (Cork) €2,398.50 €1,918.80
181S.19 Travara Shellfish Limited Added value processing unit for Irish shellfish & fish catches for cork Inshore Fishing Vesssels FLAG South (Cork) €50,416.50 €25,208.25
181S.21 O’Driscoll Fish O’Driscoll Fish & Chips SSCF FLAG South (Cork) €24,900.00 €19,920.00
181S.22 Seven Heads Peninsula Tourism Courtmacsherry Seafood Festival FLAG South (Cork) €2,115.00 €1,692.00
181S.23 Cork District & Draft Net Fishermens Association Install a new chiller unit at a cold unit in Ferrypoint FLAG South (Cork) €8,800.00 €7,040.00
181S.24 Schull Community Harbour development Group Insulation bins FLAG South (Cork) €4,505.00 €3,604.00
181S.20 Individual Training FLAG South (Cork) €1,430.00 €715.00
181S.27 Oceans of Discovery Scuba Diving Promotions Corks Underwater World FLAG South (Cork) €2,961.20 €1,480.60
181S.28 Schull Regatta Community Limited Schull Regatta FLAG South (Cork) €2,000.00 €2,000.00
181S.29 Clean Coasts Ballynamona Clean Coasts FLAG South (Cork) €13,963.72 €11,170.98
181S.30 Roaringwater Marine Equipment FLAG South (Cork) €4,037.01 €2,018.49
181S.31 Blatimore 2000 Baltimore Seafood Festival FLAG South (Cork) €2,000.00 €2,000.00
181S.33 Cobh Summer Swing Festival FLAG South (Cork) €2,355.85 €1,884.68
181S.36 ZT Fish Company Limited Added Value Unit for locally sourced frozen prawn and whitefish products FLAG South (Cork) €51,253.69 €25,761.85
181S.38 Castletownbere Rowing Club Training and safety equipment purchase FLAG South (Cork) €8,504.13 €4,297.07
181S.40 Courtmacsherry Rowing Club Company Limited by Guarantee Maximising the participation of the community and tourists in the sport of coastal and offshore rowing FLAG South (Cork) €4,920.00 €4,920.00
181S.41 EIRE BASS Eire Bass saltwater fly fishing business upgrade FLAG South (Cork) €21,339.00 €10,669.00
181S.43 WASi (Wild Atlantic Seaweed Ireland) Purchase of equipment to increase production FLAG South (Cork) €4,505.00 €2,252.50
Total Drawdown 2018       €520,504.10 €279,340.73
191S.4 Shearwater Wildlife Tours Promotion of Development of Business FLAG South (Cork) €7,736.92 €3,868.46
191S.6 Bantry Bay Port Company Dac Rubbish Facility for the Containment of Marine Litter FLAG South (Cork) €17,081.75 €17,081.75
191S.5 Duncan Harper Skipper full course, stcw refresher courses and mca necessary for 200 ton FLAG South (Cork) €481.25 €192.50
191S.12 Knollway Limited Add Value Refrigerated VAN FLAG South (Cork) €4,522.81 €3,618.25
191S.10 Port Authority Cork County Council Provision of insulated Fish Boxes fior Local Fishermen (Kinsale Harbour) FLAG South (Cork) €4,820.00 €4,820.00
191S.14 Schull Regatta Committee Limited Schull Regatta FLAG South (Cork) €3,333.33 €2,000.00
191S.11 Glounthaune Tidy Towns Harpers Island Wetland Centre Promotional Video FLAG South (Cork) €3,902.44 €3,121.95
191S.16 Lawrence Cover Marina Limited Marina Expansion and Wheelchaire Access FLAG South (Cork) €84,000.00 €42,000.00
191S.15 Ellen Hutchins Festival Ellen Hutchins Festival FLAG South (Cork) €2,500.00 €2,000.00
191S.18 Ellen Hutchins Festival Ellen Huthins Heritage Trail Enchancements Project FLAG South (Cork) €9,945.00 €7,956.00
191S.29 Courtmacsherry Rowing Club Maximising the participation of the community and tourists FLAG South (Cork) €8,310.00 €4,155.00
191S.30 Wild Atlantic Luxury Tours Wild Atlantic Luxury Tours FLAG South (Cork) €3,306.23 €1,322.49
191S.25 Union Hall Smoked Fish Upgrade of premises to facilitate growing demand for Union Hall Products FLAG South (Cork) €106,150.00 €53,075.00
191S.31 Colaiste Pobail Chleire Turais Báid Faire Mara Chléire FLAG South (Cork) €1,920.00 €1,920.00
191S.21 Fish Seafood Deli Ltd Business expansion FLAG South (Cork) €37,147.01 €29,717.61
191S.22 East Cork Biodiversity Networking Programme Coastal Habitats and walkways FLAG South (Cork) €32,533.75 €26,027.00
191S.23 Comharchumann Chléire Teo Tiling of Mariners facility FLAG South (Cork) €5,236.00 €5,236.00
191S.28 Eyeries Commuity Development Assoc Ltd Eyeries Meeting Rooms FLAG South (Cork) €57,998.50 €46,398.80
191S.34 Comharchumann Chléire Teo Finneoga nua don Lathair Oidhreachta FLAG South (Cork) €1,800.00 €1,440.00
191S.35 Catch of the Day Catch of the Day (Equipment) FLAG South (Cork) €68,049.54 €34,024.77
191S.37 Funkytown Adventure Centre Expansion of Funkytown Equipment FLAG South (Cork) €10,133.10 €5,066.55
191S.48 Woodcock Smokery The Keep- Woodcock Smokery School FLAG South (Cork) €40,605.06 €20,302.53
191S.43 Comhar na nOileán CTR   FLAG South (Cork) €4,800.00 €4,800.00
191S.44 Michael Barrett Mobile Food Trailer FLAG South (Cork) €20,630.53 €16,504.42
191S.45 Goleen Harbour Limited Mizen Adventures Kayaking FLAG South (Cork) €9,342.79 €4,671.40
181S.35 Ardfield-Rathbarry Galley Flash Rowing Club Oar Purchase Project FLAG South (Cork) €1,960.65 €1,960.65
181S.29 Clean Coasts Ballynamona Clean Coasts FLAG South (Cork) €1,804.68 €1,443.74
181S.12 Bantry Bay Boat Hire Limited Equipment FLAG South (Cork) €10,789.92 €5,394.96
191S.51 Oldcourt Boats Ltd Boat Lift 90 FLAG South (Cork) €189,000.00 €94,500.00
191S.52 Seanmar Fish Sales Ltd Co Op Cold Room Motor Upgrade FLAG South (Cork) €4,950.00 €2,475.00
Total Drawdown 2019       €754,791.25 €447,094.83