Publicity Requirements

As a successful FLAG applicant (Congratulations) the rules of the scheme set down the minimum requirements you need to follow to publically acknowledge FLAG’s contribution to your project. Your letter of offer contains a detailed section on these requirements, so the pupose of this page is to help you meet these.

In the Tabs below you will find the required Logos for all 7 FLAG Regions, They should appear in the following order:

All logos should appear on the following:

  • Posters Promoting the FLAG Funded Projects
  • The Funded organisation’s website 
  • Their Social media channels
  • Any form of advertising for the project

In addition to Logos, the Letter of offer requires that “the grantee shall provide on their website, where such a website exists, a short description of the project, proportionate to the level of support, including its aims and results, and highlighting the financial support from the European Union

FARNET is the community of people implementing Community-Led Local Development (CLLD) under the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF). 

This network brings together Fisheries Local Action Groups (FLAGs), managing authorities, citizens and experts from across the EU to work on the sustainable development of fisheries and coastal areas 

The FARNET website contains information about all FLAG groups in Europe, Information and resources, and, Project case studies. Click here to access their website: FARNET