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The North FLAG area is located in the coastal zone of County Donegal and comprises of 80 Electoral Divisions. The North FLAG has a total population of 91,406

FLAG North, through public consultation, has developed and ranked a set of priorities for their area.
The summary below sets out the areas of prioritisation for FLAG North

  1. Creating and maintaining jobs in coastal areas
  2. Lifelong learning and attracting young people into fisheries and aquaculture areas
  3. Promoting social well-being and cultural heritage in fisheries and aquaculture areas
  4. Strengthening the role and governance of fisheries communities in local development
  5. Promoting innovation in fisheries and aquaculture and supporting diversification inside and outside commercial fisheries
  6. Adding value to fisheries and aquaculture products
  7. Promoting the environmental assets of the fisheries and aquaculture areas and mitigation of climate change

You can download our full strategy here: FLAG North Local Development Strategy
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