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Project Ref  Project Promoter Project Title Region Eligible Expenditure Grant Paid
171W.1 Comhar Chaomhán Teo Teach an Bháid FLAG West (Galway) €69,420.00 €55,536.00
171W.5 Artisan House Ltd A Passion for Oysters FLAG West (Galway) €16,938.00 €8,469.00
171W.6 Kilkee Sub Aqua Club New RIB for Kilkee Sub Aqua Club  FLAG West (Clare) €53,047.26 €26,523.63
171W.7 Spraoimara Purchase safety boat and kayaks FLAG West (Galway) €9,809.06 €4,904.53
171W.9 Purecamping Eco-Campsite/Loop Head Retreat Centre Event space refurbishment & development FLAG West (Clare) €92,801.00 €37,000.40
171W.10 SCCUL Enterprises Ltd The Sanctuary Gardens FLAG West (Galway) €20,492.73 €15,758.90
171W.11 Gasóga Mara na Gaeltachta Safety Boat Project FLAG West (Galway) €10,000.00 €8,000.00
171W.12 Cuan Beo Connecting those who care for and protect Galway Bay Life FLAG West (Galway) €11,460.20 €9,168.16
171W.13 Cumann Húiciéiri na gaillimhe Safety at Sea & Navigation Training FLAG West (Galway) €3,650.00 €2,920.00
171W.14 Blath na Mara Upgrade/Refurb Seaweed Processing Facility FLAG West (Galway) €44,900.61 €8,980.12
171W.15 Oireachtas na Gaeilge Ó Chill Chaoil go Carna FLAG West (Galway) €5,500.00 €4,400.00
171W.17 West of Ireland Offshore Association Racing Championships 2017, Aran Islands  FLAG West (Clare) €15,800.00 €7,900.00
171W.18 Flemings Seafood Fish Skinning Machine FLAG West (Galway) €7,500.00 €3,750.00
171W.20 Bia BoFINNE A Taste of Inishboffin Festival FLAG West (Galway) €1,349.50 €963.54
171W.21 Comharchumann Forbartha Arann Comharchumann F Arann Bia Farraige Arainn Teo FLAG West (Galway) €47,400.30 €28,440.18
171W.23 Coiste Traidphicnic Art Installation and workshops FLAG West (Galway) €2,150.00 €1,000.00
171W.24 Killary Adventure Co Killary fjord maritime development FLAG West (Galway) €15,204.57 €7,602.28
171W.26 Comharchumann Forbartha Arann Refurbishment of Building FLAG West (Galway) €88,860.00 €26,658.00
171W.31 Comharchumann Mhic Dara Teo Scubs Scoil tumadoireachta/snorkaila FLAG West (Galway) €26,117.57 €20,824.10
171W.33 Scattery Island Tours Purchase cabin and dedicated ticket sales office FLAG West (Clare) €15,071.14 €7,535.57
171W.34 Loop Head Touism Ltd Loop Head Tourism Marketing & Development Plan FLAG West (Clare) €4,800.00 €3,840.00
171W.35 Killary Fjord Shellfish Ltd Showcase Food Producers FLAG West (Mayo) €56,000.00 €28,000.00
171W.36 Connemara Mussel Festival Festival FLAG West (Galway) €600.00 €480.00
171W.37 Wild Atlantic Way Food Tours Website, workship conference FLAG West (Galway) €4,179.09 €2,089.54
171W.40 Cinn Mhara Community Enterprises Centre Business Development Programme FLAG West (Galway) €3,100.00 €2,480.00
171W2.2 Comhlacht Forbartha Inis Meáin Féile Inis Meáin FLAG West (Galway) €1,099.20 €879.36
171W2.3 Irish Seaweed Consultancy Ltd Workshop ALGET Nordic Committee meeting the Irish Seaweed Industry FLAG West (Galway) €6,005.64 €3,002.82
171W2.4 Connemara Seaweed Kitchen Connemara Seaweed Cuisine FLAG West (Galway) €25,087.98 €12,543.98
171W2.5 Burren Smokehouse Limited Upgrading of Current Facilities FLAG West (Galway) €98,620.00 €49,310.00
Total Drawdown 2017       €658,343.85 €339,650.11
171W.21 Comharchumann Forbartha Arann Comharchumann F Arann Bia Farraige Arainn Teo FLAG West (Clare) €18,431.00 €11,059.00
171W.38 Dúchas na Sionna Shannon Wetland Restoration Project FLAG West (Clare) €9,806.40 €7,845.12
171W.13 Cumann Húiciéiri na gaillimhe Safety at Sea & Navigation Training FLAG West (Galway) €4,798.92 €3,839.13
171W.16 Morris Shipwright Shipwright Apprenticship FLAG West (Clare) €8,400.00 €6,260.00
171W2.1 O Flaherty Connemara Seafood Chowder Adding Value to locally sourced seafood FLAG West (Galway) €17,975.00 €8,988.00
181W.1 Inishbofin Community Services Programme Inishbofin Arts Festival FLAG West (Galway) €1,250.00 €1,000.00
181W.2 Coiste Currachai an Spideal Féile   FLAG West (Galway) €1,300.00 €1,000.00
181W.3 Kilkee Enterprise Development Company (KEDCO) Kilkee Market by the sea FLAG West (Clare) €5,631.10 €4,504.88
181W.5 Letterfrack Sea Safari Promotional Brochures & Engine FLAG West (Galway) €14,032.94 €7,016.47
181W.6 Killary Adventure Company Killary Fjord Walking Path FLAG West (Galway) €48,000.00 €24,000.00
181W.7 Comhar Caomhán Teo Scoping exercise for park FLAG West (Galway) €850.00 €680.00
181W.8 Comhlacht Forbartha Inis Meáin Éigse Dara Beag FLAG West (Galway) €995.00 €796.00
181W.10 Scattery Island Tours  Promotional/marketing of company FLAG West (Clare) €8,505.76 €4,252.88
181W.12 Clare Local Development Company Trail Photo Posts FLAG West (Clare) €2,422.12 €1,937.69
181W.13 Seol Sionna Sally O’Keeffe FLAG West (Clare) €7,770.77 €4,662.46
181W.14 Wild Kitchen Wild Kitchen Seaweed Experience FLAG West (Clare) €10,000.00 €5,000.00
181W.15 Coiste Féile Traidphicnic Coastal offerings @ féile traidphicnic 2018 FLAG West (Galway) €1,325.00 €1,000.00
181W.16 Doonbeg Community Development Company Limited Doonbeg Diving Compressor FLAG West (Clare) €5,430.00 €4,344.00
181W.17 Bád Tarrthála Charna agus na nOileán CLG Carna Life Boat Training FLAG West (Galway) €3,180.00 €2,554.00
181W.18 Loop Head Tourism Ltd Development of the tourism product on Loop Head peninsula which will have a positive effect on local community FLAG West (Clare) €4,900.00 €3,920.00
181W.19 Connamara Environmental Educational & Cultural Centre (CEECC) Conamara Sea Week 2018 FLAG West (Galway) €5,000.00 €4,000.00
181W.21 Burren Smokehouse The Story of Irish Salmon FLAG West (Clare) €41,205.00 €20,602.50
181W.22 Connemara Mussel Festival Festival FLAG West (Galway) €2,500.00 €2,000.00
181W.23 Clare County Council Camino Atlantico de Clare – East End & West End Kilkee FLAG West (Clare) €17,055.90 €10,233.54
181W.26 Doonbeg Community Development Company Limited Doonbeg  Harbour CCTV FLAG West (Clare) €2,213.25 €1,770.60
181W.27 West Clare Curragh Build Equipment & Curragh Building Course FLAG West (Clare) €13,030.00 €7,818.00
181W.28 Bia Bofinnie Festival FLAG West (Galway) €2,449.75 €1,959.80
181W.30 Ionad Cuimhneacháin na Teo Installation system in the emigrants Commerative Centre FLAG West (Galway) €4,882.00 €3,905.60
181W.29 Cuan Beo Implementing a holistic approach to sustainability in Galway Bay FLAG West (Galway) €23,882.66 €19,106.13
181W.31 Údarás na Gaeltachta Bunú an eagraíocht Cósta Gaelach Chonamara FLAG West (Galway) €19,800.00 €19,800.00
181W.33 Cul an Ti Cultural experience FLAG West (Clare) €390.00 €312.00
181W.34 Tidy Towns Letterfrack Link Lettterfrack to the sea FLAG West (Galway) €3,000.00 €2,400.00
181W.35 Comhar Chuigéal Teo Bealach Siúlóidi Leitir Mealláin FLAG West (Galway) €2,886.80 €2,309.44
181W.36 Connemara Smokehouse New Website FLAG West (Galway) €1,744.00 €872.00
181W.37 Clare Slow Food Festival 2018 Burren Slow Food Festival 2018 FLAG West (Clare) €2,510.00 €2,000.00
181W.38 Wild Irish Seaweeds Limited Wild Irish Seaweeds Expansion Project FLAG West (Clare) €54,949.47 €27,474.74
181W.39 Killary Fjord Shellfish Marine Tourism Project FLAG West (Galway) €19,781.92 €9,890.96
181W.43 Coiste Feile Mhic Dara Feile Mhic Dara FLAG West (Galway) €900.00 €720.00
181W.48 Western Yacht Club Junior Sailing Safety Boat FLAG West (Clare) €7,927.00 €4,756.20
181W.49 Shellfish Breeding Technologies Oyster Grading facility FLAG West (Galway) €34,669.63 €17,334.82
181W.51 Blath na Mara Brand and product delelopment FLAG West (Galway) €2,169.49 €2,169.49
181W.52 Comhlacht Forbartha Inis Meáin thar ceann Iontaobhaithe Halla Naomh Eoin Áis cócaireachta poiblí & seomra Iéachta FLAG West (Galway) €39,401.53 €31,520.98
181W.53 Wet Mongrel Adventures Wet Mongrel Adventures FLAG West (Galway) €10,501.28 €5,250.64
181W.56 Comhar Chuigéal Teo.  Cuigéal Bay Experience – Tourism Planning FLAG West (Galway) €8,722.00 €6,977.60
181W.57 Coiste Pobail Charna – CLUB SPAISTEOIREACHTA IORRAS AITHNEACH World War  11 EIRE sign restoration FLAG West (Galway) €1,650.00 €1,320.00
181W.58 Galway City Sailing Club Request for RIB to support Sailing, Powerboat & Marine skills training, safety cover for 80 members FLAG West (Galway) €20,000.00 €12,000.00
181W.59 Hope It Rains / Báisteach go Deo (a co-production of Ciotóg Teo & Milestone Inventive for Galway 2020) Turas Chonamara FLAG West (Galway) €76,583.70 €30,633.48
181W.62 Burren Ecotourism Network  Burren Cookery Booki FLAG West (Clare) €18,000.00 €14,400.00
181W.63 Club Leabhar Chois Fharraige Festival FLAG West (Galway) €1,400.00 €1,120.00
181W.64 Doonbeg Community Development Company Ltd. Spraoi – By The Sea  FLAG West (Clare) €1,066.50 €853.20
181W.65 John Fleming/Blue Shark Angling Galway Re-engining of tourism charter boat Brazen Hussy 2 FLAG West (Galway) €43,716.69 €21,858.34
181W.67 Port of Galway Sea Scouts (24th Galway) Provision of safety boat FLAG West (Galway) €22,300.00 €13,380.00
Total Drawdown 2018       €681,292.58 €405,409.69
181W.32 Celtic Sound Celtic Sound Cultural Experience FLAG West €20,000.00 €10,000.00
181W.33 Cul an Ti Cultural experience FLAG West €899.63 €683.72
191W.1 Loophead Tourism Ltd Tourisms FLAG West €4,900.00 €3,920.00
191W.2 Misunderstood Heron Food Truck Experience FLAG West €28,798.62 €14,399.31
191W.3 Connemara Mussel Festival Festival FLAG West €2,500.00 €2,000.00
191W.8 Cuan Beo (A) Implementing a holistic approach to sustainability in Galway Bay 2019 FLAG West €27,780.05 €22,224.04
191W.8 Cuan Beo (b) Community Education Programme FLAG West €8,610.00 €6,888.00
191W.10 Comharchumann Mhic Dara Scuba Scuba Scoil tumadoireachta/Snorkaila FLAG West €4,645.23 €3,716.18
191W.11 Clare County Council New Quay Pier Car Park Upgrade FLAG West €47,157.20 €37,725.76
191W.12 Killary Fjord Shellfish Limited Boathouse upgrading for tourism FLAG West €52,543.00 €26,271.50
191W.13 Port of Galway Sea Scounts (24th Galway) Marine Equipment and Boat Storage Facility FLAG West €4,999.68 €3,999.74
191W.17 Kylemore Abbey Music School Music Project, equipment FLAG West €12,749.94 €10,199.95
191W.18 Galway City Sailing Club 10 x Topaz Dinghies for Youth Training, Adult Sailing and Schools Team Racing FLAG West €51,168.00 €30,700.80
191W.20 Cumann Forbartha Chois Fharraige Lóchrann Chonamara 2019 FLAG West €3,030.00 €2,424.00
191W.21 Dúchas na Sionne The Shannon Wetlands Restoration Project FLAG West €34,437.16 €17,218.58
191W.22 Forbairt Chonamara Láir Teo Bád Sábhailte, Inneall agus leantóir comh mhaith Seáicéidí Sábhailte FLAG West €7,518.90 €6,015.12
191W.23 Comhar Caomhán Teo Cumann Iascairi Inis Oírr – Seomra Reoiteáin agud aonaid ghaolmhara (Freezer Room and Refrigeration Unit FLAG West €9,750.00 €7,800.00
191W.24 Blath na Mara Teo Establishing Company Brand, retail product development and refining wholesale production FLAG West €15,431.51 €7,715.76
191W.25 Eoghan O Giobhún National Rigging Certificate FLAG West €400.00 €400.00
191W.26 Burren Smokehouse Heritage Centre – The Story of Irish Salmon FLAG West €5,541.80 €2,770.90
191W.28 Udaras na Gaeltachta Tourism and Heritage Amenity Signage, Local Brochure & Mpa and Food Trail Information Leaflet FLAG West €15,655.20 €15,655.20
191W.32 Iasc Inis Óirr Equipment for Small Scale Fish Processing Plant FLAG West €3,790.45 €3,032.36
191W.36 Coiste Cultúir agus Oidhreachta Comhartha eolais faoi Theampall Bharr an Doire FLAG West €752.50 €602.00
191W.37 Irelands Westcoast Seaweeds Limited T/A Island Seaweed Island Seaweed  FLAG West €16,920.00 €8,460.00
191W.38 Killary Adventure Co. Adventure Centre – Meeting expectations FLAG West €51,854.48 €25,927.24
191W.40 Bia BoFinne Food Festival FLAG West €2,118.76 €1,695.01
191W.45 Udaras na Gaeltachta Gaeltacht Chonamara Theas FLAG West €5,900.00 €4,720.00
191W.46 Club Leabhar Chois Fharraige Féile Leabhar Chóis Fharraige FLAG West €1,300.00 €1,040.00
191W.47 Cruinniú na mBád Cruinniú na mBád (Féile) FLAG West €3,851.00 €3,080.80
191W.50 Connemara Smokehouse Resurfacing and enhancing the car park/visitor entrance area FLAG West €99,264.90 €49,632.45
191W.53 Noel Linnane Engine for currach to tow seaweed FLAG West €3,975.60 €1,987.80
191W.55 Cleggan Tidy Towns Committee Signage for Cleggan Village FLAG West €6,930.67 €4,158.40
191W.56 Coiste Feile Traidphicnic Feile FLAG West €2,998.95 €2,399.16
191W.57 Udaras na Gaeltachta Comharthaíoch a chúir in airde ar 12 gcé I gConamara FLAG West €13,234.00 €13,234.00
191W.59 Galway Bay Seafoods Limited Galway Bay Seafood & Fishing Maritime Hub FLAG West €41,842.54 €20,921.27
191W.61 The Big Picture The Big Picture FLAG West €1,935.00 €1,935.00
181W.61 J and S Ocean Products Upgrading Fish Processing Unit FLAG West €9,600.00 €4,800.00
191W.64 Loophead Tourism Ltd Mid-Summer Festival Nature & Heritage on the Loop Head Peninsula FLAG West €3,634.00 €1,817.00
191W.68 Kinvara Area Visual Arts Refurbishment of old court house as a community space FLAG West €35,952.30 €7,190.46
191W.71 Clarinbridge Oyster Festival Limited Festival FLAG West €9,602.86 €2,688.80
Total Drawdown 2019       €673,973.92 €392,050.31