Local Area Development Scheme

The FLAG scheme is a 5 year fisheries local development programme which has been allocated €12 million funding under the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) Operational Programme. There are seven Fisheries Local Action Groups (FLAGs) recently selected as part of a competitive process under the community led local development element of the €240 million EMFF Operational Programme. The funding is 50% financed by the EU.

FLAG Name Coastal areas of County EMFF Allocation
South West FLAG Kerry €1.53 m
West FLAG Galway,Clare €1.80 m
North West FLAG Mayo, Sligo €1.50 m
North FLAG Donegal €1.95 m
South FLAG Cork €1.98 m
North East FLAG Louth, Meath, Dublin €1.56 m
South East FLAG Wicklow, Wexford, Waterford €1.68 m
TOTAL €12 m

This initiative is focused on community-led development to enhance the economic opportunities and social sustainability of Fisheries and Aquaculture dependent areas. Each FLAG has, through a process of public consultation developed a Local development Strategy, aimed at supporting job creation, adding value, promoting innovation as well as enhancing environmental assets and promoting each area’s maritime cultural heritage.

FLAGs were established for the first time in 2012 in Ireland under the EFF Seafood Development Programme which ran from 2007-2013. An independent review commissioned by BIM and carried out in late 2015 demonstrated the significant contribution of the FLAG Programme despite its short life and relatively small amount of funding. Key achievements include; 14 Businesses created with a further 11 expected; 16 new products developed with a further 8 expected; 22 existing business premises expanded or improved; 17 companies have reported an increased turnover from 4% – 100%; 2 supported companies now exporting goods; 16 jobs safeguarded and 27 jobs created

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