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Project Ref Project Promoter Project Title Region Eligible Expenditure Grant Paid
171NW.1 Comhlacht Forbartha Áitiúil Acla Teo The Achill Experience Aquarium Phase 2   €129,900.00 €100,000.00
171NW.6 Newport Sea Angling Club Purchase of capital items for Newport Sea Angling Club   €1,129.00 €564.50
171NW.7 Wild Atlantic Shanty Festival RNLI-Branch Sligo-Bay Wild Atlantic Shanty Festival   €2,751.65 €1,599.25
171NW.8 Purteen Harbour Fishermans Group Purteen Harbour Cold Stores   €15,354.50 €9,212.70
171NW.10 Maugherow Community Development Company, Ltd Marine Harstand Area at Raghly Harbour   €43,000.00 €34,400.00
171NW.11 River Moy Search & Rescure Ballina CLG Removal of litter from the River Moy and its Rural Environs   €16,449.00 €13,159.92
171NW.13 Sligo Bay Sup Monster Stand Up Paddle Board   €2,000.00 €1,000.00
171NW.17 Bellacragher Boat Club Wheelchair Accessible Safety Boat & VHF Marine Radio Communication €23,936.86 €11,968.58
171NW.19 UISCE Feasibility Study Mullet Penninsula   €12,754.00 €6,377.00
171NW.20 St Patricks National School Sailing for Children   €26,196.00 €13,098.00
171NW.26 Rosses Point Development Ass CLG Community Centre Development   €18,259.89 €14,607.91
171NW.28 Achill Tourism CLG Maritime History Trail   €10,757.00 €8,605.60
171NW.29 Achill Tourism CLG Achill Feile na Mara   €6,968.40 €1,000.00
171NW.33 Comharchumann Forbartha Ionad Deirbhile Eachleim Teo Feasibility Study   €29,076.01 €29,076.01
Total Draw down 2017       €338,532.31 €244,669.47
171NW.24 Club Rámhaíocht Tullachain Boat and equipment FLAG North West (Mayo) €4,845.10 €2,423.00
171NW.32 Club Ramhaiocht Tullachain Festival FLAG North West (Mayo) €1,757.01 €878.51
181NW.2 WB’s Coffee House Oyster Experience and Gift Shop FLAG North West €49,071.72 €24,535.86
181NW.3 Wild Atlantic Shanty Festival Sligo-Bay RNLI Festival FLAG North West €2,500.00 €2,000.00
181NW.4 Roscahill Seafood Ltd Shellfish Grading System FLAG North West €19,470.00 €9,735.00
181NW.7 Seasearch Dive Lift for safe recover of divers for seasearch projetct FLAG North West €5,800.00 €2,900.00
181NW.8 Eachtrai UISCE Teoranta T/A UISCE Togra na hEachléime = Coláiste UISCE Eachléim FLAG North West €72,132.68 €36,066.29
181NW.9 River Moy Search and Rescue Ballina Removal of Litter from the Moy Catchment Area Underwater Search Sonar FLAG North West €44,628.00 €35,705.40
181NW.10 Comharchumann Forbartha Ionad Deirbhile Eachleim Teo Marina & Breakwater at Blacksod Bay NATURA Assessment FLAG North West €25,830.00 €20,664.00
181NW.11 Muintir Chill Damhait Féile Chill Damhnait FLAG North West €4,407.93 €2,644.76
181NW.13 PC Marine Welding & Fabrication Services PC Marine Welding & Fabrication Services FLAG North West €26,780.00 €13,390.00
181NW.15 Comharchumann Forbartha Ionad Deirbhile Teo Blacksod and Marine Heritage Trail FLAG North West €12,780.00 €10,224.00
181NW.16 Achill Tourism CLG Heritage Trail Heritage Trail FLAG North West €2,570.00 €2,056.00
181NW.17 Achill Tourism CLG Festival Festival FLAG North West €1,896.80 €1,138.08
181NW.22 Inishturk Community Club CLG Inishturk Wild Atlantic Festival FLAG North West €12,755.81 €10,204.65
181NW.26 Roschill Seafoods Limited Renewal & Extension of size of holding facility for lobsters FLAG North West €5,650.00 €2,825.00
181NW.29 Lobster Fisherman Value added Sales (Van insulation and trailer) FLAG North West €5,520.00 €5,520.00
181NW.31 Bellacragher Boat Club Promotion of Claggan Ferry and provision of two boat shore dollies FLAG North West €4,031.75 €2,419.05
181NW.33 St Colman’s Care Centre CLG St Colman’s Care Centre Garden Fete FLAG North West €6,451.49 €3,870.89
Total Draw down 2018       €308,878.29 €189,200.49
191NW.3 Sligo Bay SUP New Enclosed Trailer FLAG North West €5,448.28 €2,724.14
191NW.5 Wild Atlantic Shanty Festival Festival FLAG North West €3,024.75 €2,419.80
191NW.4 Belmullet Sea Angling Club CCTV for Clubhouse FLAG North West €1,362.00 €1,089.60
191NW.1 Kilmeena Foróige Club Primary Coastal Training FLAG North West €4,200.00 €3,360.00
191NW.7 Clare Island Regatta Clare Island Regatta 2019 FLAG North West €2,936.50 €2,349.20
191NW.6 Muintir a’Chorráin Teo Erection of information boards, purchase of life jackets FLAG North West €4,460.48 €3,568.38
191NW.12 Mayo Sailing Club Safety Boat Improvements FLAG North West €9,932.05 €7,945.64
191NW.26 Galway Outdoor Education Centre Limited Achill Surf & Adventure Centre renewal of equipment captial investment FLAG North West €19,229.22 €9,614.61
191NW.14 Mayo North Destination Steering Group Mayo North Tourist Information Map FLAG North West €6,242.25 €4,993.80
191NW.9 Pure Magic Achill Battle for the Lake Watersports and Music Festival FLAG North West €4,852.50 €3,882.00
191NW.19 Comharchumann Forbartha Ionad Deirbhile Teo Developing Blacksod Lighthouse & Heritage Centre, Eachléim FLAG North West €22,899.60 €18,319.68
191NW.18 Harper Manufacturing Limited Coastal Marine Board Manufacture FLAG North West €29,000.00 €17,400.00
191NW.23 Sligo Yacht Club Limited Restoring and upgarding Water Safety Equipment FLAG North West €24,584.60 €12,292.30
191NW.8 Eachtrai UISCE Teoranta T/A UISCE Training FLAG North West €17,940.00 €8,970.00
191NW.27 Blue Flag Media Creating High Quality Video Content FLAG North West €4,462.52 €2,231.26
191NW.25 Tullaghan Development Association Marine History Group Project FLAG North West €1,548.00 €1,238.40
191NW.29 Achill Tourism GLG Achill Féile na Mara FLAG North West €1,852.50 €1,482.00
191NW.30 Mammy Red Head – Publications Little Red Head, Books FLAG North West €689.00 €689.00
191NW.32 Roscahill Seafood Limited Extending Shellfish Grading Operations FLAG North West €24,200.00 €12,100.00
191NW.33 Peadar Cawley PC Marine Welding & Fabrication Services FLAG North West €3,414.50 €1,707.25
191NW.37 EC AUTO Diagnostics Remote Assisted Diagnostic Experts FLAG North West €21,727.56 €10,863.78
191NW.39 Enniscrone Events Committee & Black Pig Festival Black Pig Festival 2019 FLAG North West €2,000.00 €1,000.00
191NW.40 West Coast Crab Sales Ltd Forklift FLAG North West €28,900.00 €14,450.00
191NW.50 Go Explore Hostel/Sailor’s Bar Restaurant Festival Canopy FLAG North West €1,250.00 €1,000.00
191NW.35 West Sligo Family Resource Centre CLG Relocation/New Premises for West Sligo Family Resource Centre FLAG North West €37,514.65 €30,011.72
191NW.41 Gesala Community Council & Development Ltd Gesala Community Gym FLAG North West €5,125.00 €4,100.00
191NW.46 River Moy Search & Rescure Ballina CLG Removal of litter from the River Moy cathchment area FLAG North West €2,273.04 €1,818.43
181NW.23 Iascairí Chois Chósta Iorrais Teoranta Ballyglass Pier & Harbour Development Natura Impact Study FLAG North West €30,750.00 €24,600.00
171NW.4 Achill Island Sea Salt Achill Island Sea Salt Visitor Experience FLAG North West €12,820.70 €6,410.35
181NW.18 Belderig Development Committee Limited Refurbishment and restoration of carport in Belderig Harbour FLAG North West €11,306.27 €11,306.27
Total Drawdown 2019       €345,945.96 €223,937.61